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  1. the greenish wood block print showing a group of samurai walking through a forest is amazing. would you please be so kind and let me know the name of the artist and sent a short message to karlw@musicflash.de ! Thanks.
    kind regards
    Karl Walterbach

  2. thanks that would be great. it’s visually so striking. since I spent most of the 90s in California, I’m addicted to Japanese history and art and I own several woodblock prints from the 19th century as well as suits of armour and weaponry aquired through auctions. I love their culture….

  3. After some research I finally found the name of the artist:Komura Settai (1887 – 1940) is his name. He was a well known book designer and illustrator. His output of individual prints was modest as a small dutch catalogue states.He was an “admirer of the Edo period and especially artists such as Suzuki Harunobu”. I find his paintings very Japanese in their austere beauty, as shown in this Dutch catalogue. “Settai’s prints are highly regarded and are generelly rare” as stated in this little catalogue titled “Notalgia and Modernity”.

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