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  1. Thank you for writing these books. Ive waited a long time, very patiently too. Nothing l picked up after Tales of the Otori, bumped tyem off my favourite books perch.
    Blossoms and shadows was good, but not as good as my Tales…. well your Tales xx
    I nearly teared up with joy today when I stumbled accross Emporor of the Eight Islands.
    Xx big fan right here xx

    • Lian Hearn

      Thanks, Ann. It was a joy to me to return to that world, so I hope readers enjoy the books. In Australia both books will be out this year, the US publishers are doing them as 4 books (all this year), the UK as two, but one this year, one in 2017.

  2. Maryam Masyitah Mohd Johari

    How many series for this books? All together? In Australia.

    • Lian Hearn

      Five books in Tales of the Otori – available worldwide. Two new ones: The Tale of Shikanoko Book 1 Emperor of the Eight Islands Book 2 Lord of the Darkwood. In the US these books are both divided into two making four in all. The other titles are Autumn Princess, Dragon Child and The Tengu’s Game of Go

  3. Nick Lee

    The beautiful cover (American) got my attention at the local book store but the story… My goodness! The story!

    I eagerly look forward to the next book in June. I haven’t felt this way about a book in a long while.

    Thank you for creating this wonderful world that has completely captured my imagination.

  4. Hi Lian,
    I live in Australia and am in love with all of your books. I can confidently say you are one of my favourite authors.

    Definitely enjoyed the Tale of Shikanoko. Is there more to come??

    Many thanks for all the journeys you’ve taken me on with your novels.

    • Lian Hearn

      Thanks, Maddy. There’s a second book, in Australia, in the Tale of Shikanoko – Lord of the Darkwood. It will be out in August, I think.


  5. Hello,

    I’m a little confused about the different versions of the book.

    With the American covers there seem to bee 4 books while I only find 2 books (book 1 & 3?) with Australian and British covers (being my faves).

    How many versions are there?

    • Lian Hearn

      Hi Martina, I hope you got my Instagram message. The American version is in four parts, the UK and Australian in 2. But it’s all the same story.

  6. I love your books and read them enthusiastically. I love to write but am not an avid reader. All of your books are among the very limited fiction that I purchase. The Otori series is by far my favorite and I have read them too many times to count. They never tire. I am thrilled to have the Tale of Shikanoko and another part to the Otori Tales. I am saddened that these may be the last. Thank you for your light that shines.

    • Lian Hearn

      Jeanne, thank you so much. Lovely words to read on a day when I have the post-flu blues! I will get back to writing soon, I hope, and hope to finish the next Tale. After that, who knows? I think I will find inspiration in this world for some time yet.

  7. I just finished Tengu’s Game of Go. I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed these four books. They are just beautiful inside and out. I just love them. The whole experience of reading each volume and awaiting the next one was just incredible. I thought I would be saddened to reach the end of the story but it feels like everything just fell in the right place and I was happy and satisfied.

    Thank you so much for telling The Tale of Shikanoko.

    • Lian Hearn

      Thanks so much, Nick. It’s wonderful to know that you enjoyed them, and liked the way they were published in four episodes. I was very happy with this new experiment. I was sad to leave the characters, but feel I might have more to tell about them at some time!

  8. Discovered your Otori series walking around a bookstore years ago and immediately fell inlove with your story. It was reallt just by chance and I’m so glad it happened! I was so hooked! I am an avid fan of Japan just like you, so I could picture ancient Japan in your mythical Japan. Your writing is so rivetting! Thank you for making another series. I was so giddy with happiness when I was, once again, going thru bookshelfs in a bookstore and found you had released a new series! Just finished the first book last night and immediately bought the next 2! Can’t wait to connect all the dots in the end! You are amazing! <3

    • Hi Sam, thanks for the lovely comment. I’ve had a wonderful time creating and living in this world since 1999, and to share it with readers like you has been a joy. I love hearing how people discover the books too. I’m taking a break for a while, but will be writing again in the New year – I have a half-finished book which needs a lot of work! All best wishes for 2017

      • My bookshelf is all the better now with all four books complete and in their place! Thank you once again!! Even days after reading the series, my thoughts still go to them and the characters! My jaw dropped at the realization of the connections to the Otori characters! So well written, from start to finish! I loved them all! And now, hearing news of a half-finished book excites me beyond words!!!! I can’t wait for the next time I visit a bookstore and see your newest release, whenever that may be. Wishing you light and love this season and through the next year! Thank you so much!!! 🙂


    Can I ask whether Picador are going to publish the “Autumn Princess” & “The Tengu’s Game Go”.As it would good to have them in the same format as the first two.
    By the way I think you are a wonderful writer so enjoy reading your books & have the pleasure of having your books in my library.

    Kind Regards

    • Lian Hearn

      Thanks so much for the message – sorry for the confusion over the various volumes of Shikanoko. The American publishers wanted to do the four volumes, and the UK and Australian stuck with the two. Thanks for the very nice comments too

  10. Ok understand the way they were published UK.So the the four books were published in two books the same as Australia.
    Many thanks for giving me great reading pleasure


  11. I’m just relistening to the audiobook version of Tales of the Otori (read the books in German when I was a teenager and the second book is probably the book I read in the shorted amount of time up to this date. Being dyslexic I don’t usually enjoy reading that much but the story is really captivating I manage to overcome my hesitations) and thought I should check whethere there were any new stories from that wonderful world that I still fall back into every now and then and alas, there’s news! So I’ll know exactly which books I’ll take with me to the mountain hut we’re going to this winter. Thanks a lot for keeping writing about the world of the otori!

    • Thanks for your comment. Sorry I haven’t replied earlier. I’m really glad that you read the Otori books. I hope you enjoy the new books and that you have a wonderful New Year.

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